• 25May

    JuliLawrence.com 3.0. Another redesign because I’m trying to redo all sites under my care to make them mobile friendly. I’m also adding some categories, because yes, I have NEW PROJECTS. I moved and have a new house! That stuff will be under the category UnMartha, because I’m the anti Martha Stewart. Domesticity just doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m also back to gardening, and guess what: it’s a blank slate, people!

    Why not Facebook? Because I don’t like cluttering up my friends’ pages with a lot of stuff. I prefer to post most things here, so viewing is voluntary. I’m all about choice, not force!

    I’ll be setting gardening and house things to appear on the front page. No time for that kind of detail. If you’re here for the organic gardening info (as most of my visitors are), then just click here to go straight to it. Ciao!

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  • 06Jul

    I actually see light at the end of the tunnel. I spent this evening watching that new Siberia show on NBC (hasn’t got a prayer in hell, but I enjoyed the smattering of Russian) while sorting through random boxes of bathroom stuff. I join my Russian comrades in distaste that a show about surviving Siberia is filmed in Canada.

    While packing, I had purged a lot of bathroom junk (mostly empty shampoo bottles, expired medications and Nyquil, etc.), but apparently not enough. And somehow when packed, the bathroom items ended up in about twenty boxes. That’s a shame. I tried to do it right, but it was a fail. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • 01Jul




    This is gonna grow twelve miles long. I just know it. I’ll post how-to details and before/afters when I tackle each one. Click the tabs above for different categories. Garden planning is separate.

    • cutlery drawer dividers
    • shelved side table for living room
    • small stand/table next to pantry for main phone (or buy)
    • cat window perch on wheels (lol lol lol) cat tree for garage from online plans
    • cat grass planter with mesh top
    • onion/potato storage cabinet
    • shelves in north end of office closet
    • reorganize cutlery, utensil drawers
    • organize bathroom vanity and drawers
    • finish organizing linen closet
    • Organize workshop & tools, pegboard
    • Organize garage
    • Assemble new desk, organize office
    • Paint office
    • Paint office furniture pieces (hutch, bookcase, printer stand? desk?)
    • Other painting: sewing cabinet, nightstands, dresser
    • Crafty stuff: sunburst mirror, succulent wall hanging
    • Make some hypertufa stuff, incl. possibly a hanging herb garden for kitchen window
    • Redo floor lamp to put in office Chucked it
    • Make duvet cover
    • Curtains for bedroom, office
    • Rehab pantry: paint white or use beadboard, add doors to top
    • Ceiling fan for office
    • New light in dining room

    • Recover cat tower Buy new one; it’s time
    • Build cat play area in office
    • Office painting: walls & furniture
    • Organize garage, build cat tower at window so Jas will stop screaming
    • It’s all about the Kim Kardashian of cats: Miss Jasmine
      Little jobs left to do…
    • hooks on inside kitchen cabinets for measuring cups/spoons and strainers FAIL
    • organize kitchen counters

    This is to remind me that I’ve accomplished things so I don’t feel overwhelmed. :)

    • Kitchen cabinets organized
    • 1 billion boxes in office: EMPTIED as of July 1. молодец! (Russian for well done, or attagirl! Yay me.)
    • Musical CDs emptied and organized! Alphabetical AND in beautiful boxes from my beloved aunt
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  • 27Jun

    Well I’m kind of horrified, but at the same time, kind of proud.

    The horrifying: The house is still not even unpacked fully. The garage, well…oh my.

    The proud: Kitchen is really taking shape. What a difference it makes having a kitchen that was so well thought out, with plenty – I MEAN PLENTY – of cabinets. With good shelves in the bottom cabinets, not just big empty caverns. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • 06Jun

    I have a blank slate when it comes to the plant component of my new house. It’s so small that I can list the inventory here:

    • An unknown plant in a front bed. It has no buds yet, and I won’t know what it is until it blooms, but it looks to be some kind of healthy and robust lily. Update: It has buds now and I’m anxious to see what blooms!

    Read the rest of this entry »

  • 30May

    When I first started packing, I was determined to do it right. I read a lot of websites about how to do it properly, and I made lists. Because I’ve been addicted to lists since childhood.

    When I started, I cleaned EVERYTHING. I was even using Qtips to get every last speck out of electrical gadgets. By the last few days before moving, I was down to madly throwing things into boxes and hoping for the best. I’m good at lists and doing the research, but somehow it just didn’t translate to the results I’d wanted. Read the rest of this entry »

  • 28May

    Since the wife (previous owners) was an interior designer, the rooms are all freshly painted and in very tasteful, pleasing colors. Not crazy bright colors, but very pleasant.

    I basically got over “bold colors” at the last house, when I painted the living room “Iced Tea.” I saw the iced tea color on one of the design shows. It looked bright and cheerful at first. But over time, it began to read orange. Live and learn.

    Here, all of the rooms are calm. The living room in particular is the EXACT shade of a sage-ish green I would have chosen myself. The master bedroom is a nice darker beige, or light brown. It has a tad of olive green in it, which I only see in the afternoon when the sun is bright. The other main rooms, the kitchen, dining and bath: a lovely shade of light blue.

    I’ll eventually get tired of the colors and paint, but perhaps in three years or something like that. I thought I would tire of the corn husk green I painted my old kitchen, but I never did. I still love that color, and eventually I’ll paint the kitchen corn husk green again. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • 23May

    Okay, I’m trying to show restraint and be cool-headed here, but I don’t think I can.

    I’ve MOVED! And it’s my Barbie Dreamhouse!

    I’ve been here a week now and it feels like home. I can’t even begin to tell you how peaceful it is here. So quiet, with beautiful views from every window.

    We had been looking for a new house for a year, and it took that long to find the right one. I found a number of them that I liked, fell in love more than once, but there was always an issue. Wet basement, plans for highway construction nearby, low ground that was ripe for water problems, and so on. My uncle kept looking under the hood and would find something that made each house I liked a “no.” That was hard, especially when I found a house that was a gorgeous three-bedroom, surrounded by decks, nearly an acre of land. (In an area where property values are sadly declining rapidly. It’s still a beautiful area.) Read the rest of this entry »

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  • 17Sep

    Yes, there’s a little bit of movement on this site. I’m in the process of restructuring the corporation that I feel I am at times. There are so many parts of me and sometimes I feel so pulled in many directions. I’m trying to find a central core and work outwards again, but this time in a more cogent pattern.

    Over the last few years I became scattered. I just didn’t have time – or energy – to stay organized or in a central location. By location, I mean my core, my self. So bit by bit, my plan is to find organization and self.

    This site is still the lowest of priorities. At some point I might change the focus, or it may just continue to stagnate. I make no promises.

    This year I didn’t even garden. At least I picked a good (hot and dry) year to skip it, though it wasn’t by choice. My life became a pile of emotional wreckage, a human Hindenburg. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • 03Aug

    Well, as you can see by the redesign, I’m still here. It just seems that every spring something happens! Maybe it’s not really that way, but it feels it.

    This spring was just horrible. HORRIBLE. In the span of a few days, one of our cats got sick (stomatitis, which is a gum infection, and he had to have his teeth removed), followed by the waterbed exploding, and in the madness to clean up that mess, I stubbed my toe…and yes, broke it. Big time.

    Thank God it wasn’t the same toe I broke two years ago (crushed that one actually), but the one next to it. I stood there in agony, crying, going, “you’ve got to be f***ing kidding me.” Read the rest of this entry »