• 28Jul

    I’m a bit embarrassed at the vanity of my name in a domain, but it was a quarter when I was renewing ect.org last year some years ago, and I got sucked in. Always a sucker for a sale.

    For a year, it simply redirected to ect.org, but I decided I might as well do something with it, and I had the need for a garden diary to help keep notes on my garden successes and failures. That helps me plan for the next year of gardening.

    If you’re an organic gardener, you might find interesting topics. Otherwise, it’s kind of a bore.

    I might also talk about animal rescue from time to time, or other personal interests: music, my wonderful family the few family members I have left, the ex-family members from hell, my stolen mother, good, good friends, and maybe a little boating. I’m not a boater but my DH is, so I go along with it now and then.

    I might talk about how much I miss horses and the outdoors, particularly camping and canoing. Nobody I know likes to camp or canoe. They prefer hotels, room service (okay, I like that too) and big boats. I also miss Southern Illinois, where I spent most of my adult life, the cypress swamps, Makanda, Giant City, Garden of the Gods (the Illinois one, though the Colorado one is nice, too) and Shawnee National Forest. I miss the dogwoods most of all.

    It’s an odd thing for a Southern Illinois country girl to spend most of her time with New Yawkers in YankeeVille, but I do have a thing for New York accents, delis, the boardwalk  when it snows, and Foxwoods. Okay, Foxwoods is technically CT, but whatever.

    I left a lot of baggage behind in Southern Illinois, but I still miss the land. I’ve traveled the world, an nowhere is more beautiful or peaceful. (Wyoming is a close second and Dubrovnik before the war third.) I also love Leningrad St. Pete above all things.

    But really I’m here at this blog for me, to keep track of my garden because I have a need for that. It’s really more an organizational tool than anything else. As of 2013, I’m adding drama, bullshit and stuff about my new house.

    It’s also a chance to have a purple website. Purple is my favorite color.

    Previous edit: July 2007
    New edit: May 2013…wow, that’s six damn years.