• 17Sep

    Yes, there’s a little bit of movement on this site. I’m in the process of restructuring the corporation that I feel I am at times. There are so many parts of me and sometimes I feel so pulled in many directions. I’m trying to find a central core and work outwards again, but this time in a more cogent pattern.

    Over the last few years I became scattered. I just didn’t have time – or energy – to stay organized or in a central location. By location, I mean my core, my self. So bit by bit, my plan is to find organization and self.

    This site is still the lowest of priorities. At some point I might change the focus, or it may just continue to stagnate. I make no promises.

    This year I didn’t even garden. At least I picked a good (hot and dry) year to skip it, though it wasn’t by choice. My life became a pile of emotional wreckage, a human Hindenburg. Read the rest of this entry »

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