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    When I first started packing, I was determined to do it right. I read a lot of websites about how to do it properly, and I made lists. Because I’ve been addicted to lists since childhood.

    When I started, I cleaned EVERYTHING. I was even using Qtips to get every last speck out of electrical gadgets. By the last few days before moving, I was down to madly throwing things into boxes and hoping for the best. I’m good at lists and doing the research, but somehow it just didn’t translate to the results I’d wanted.

    Most of the boxes are at least in the right rooms, and I’m getting them unpacked slowly, but in (I hope) the right way. Since everything was NOT sparkled going into the boxes as planned, it’s all being sparkled as it comes out and makes its way home. I just want every speck of dust and cat hair gone before things are put away.

    Are you helping or hiding?

    Are you helping or hiding?

    EVERYTHING in the kitchen is being washed, even if they were clean to begin with. Why not. So the dishwasher is going a lot. And then there are things that have to be hand washed.

    My new sparkly kitchen has very deep sinks. I’ve never seen sinks so deep and I like them. I’m not sure why, and I don’t know what the pluses and minuses of this might be. I’m not really up on all the kitchen trends. All I can say is this is a time I’m thankful for six feet of me and having super long arms.

    I’m washing all my baskets, too. They need it, because they collected dust (and cat hair and me hair…I shed more than a cat). I don’t know the proper way to wash baskets (I have many; I love baskets of every kind), and I didn’t even Google it. I’m just washing them in the big sinks and seems fine. Just some dish soap, hot water and a dish cloth. Rinse and move on.

    There’s a big washtub sink out by the laundry, and I could have used that, but I haven’t cleaned it out yet. The former owners were very tidy people, but still. I’ve disinfected (I’m just shy of being a germophobe) and washed down every surface.
    Now, if I can just keep the momentum going and really get organized this time. I grew up in a messy, unorganized home, and I never learned the skill. I study and Google a lot, and have learned things, but it just doesn’t come naturally to me. I don’t have the gene.

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    Posted: May 30, 2013 at 11:57 am

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