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    So far, this is shaping up to be one of my best years. I’ve already had a dozen cucumbers and some yellow crookneck squash. I have lots of tomatoes, but none are ripe yet. The old farmer rule of thumb is if you have a ripe one by fourth of July, you’re doing well. I don’t think I will, but they *are* looking good.

    My neighbor, Grandma (I call her that because I forgot her name, and sometimes her great grandkids stay with her, cuties they are), put out a big garden this year with one of her granddaughters. She sees this as some kind of competition with me, which is funny. They planted a couple of weeks earlier than I did (I usually wait til Mother’s Day, another farmer rule that my uncle the farmer does NOT follow), so will naturally have tomatoes before I do. However, I believe their tomatoes have a blight. I’ve had that before, and it’s ugly, but doesn’t hurt the tomatoes.

    My chicory spread out of the pot. LOL. My uncle (the farmer) warned of this catastrophe, although I don’t see it as one. I like chicory and Queen Anne’s Lace a lot. They remind me of childhood, I guess playing in the pastures where this stuff grew. I swear half of the things I grow are noxious weeds to him, but I’ve come to enjoy finding something new to annoy him with. It’s our dance, and he likes it too. This year, it’s the straw garden, which he’s sure is an internet scam. Can’t wait for him to see my big scam and how well it’s doing!

    One of my penstemons didn’t come up this year. It’s weird. Sometimes a perennial doesn’t show, and I think it must have died, then it comes back the next year. This was a good year for my goat’s beard, though. First year it really did well. I may have to plant more of that…so pretty.

    A friend of mine has herds of goats and sheep and is getting a llama as a guard dog. A llama apparently can and will kick a fox or coyote to death, so they’re the latest rage among goat farmers. I just find that incredibly interesting and still wish I had some goats. We don’t have coyotes, so I wouldn’t need the llama.

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    Posted: June 27, 2009 at 3:46 pm

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