• 27Jun

    I have two large (huge) piles of great mulch from a beautiful maple tree that had to come down. It was a beauty, but too close to the house. I’m planning on trying some of that Bark Brite (safe) spray dye for mulch. I like bright red and I may try black, too, to give my neighbor something new to gossip about. I aim to please.

    I have two containers that can be used to haul mulch to various parts of the landscape: one is a yard cart, sort of a plastic wheelbarrow. The other is my Total Trolley (that thing is one of the best “As Seen on TV” doodads I’ve bought). I put a city recycling bin (LOL, they’re good bins) on the trolley with bungee cords and then it’s kind of a modified wagon.

    But there’s gotta be a better way to load the bins than pitching a shovel. I looked at the piles of mulch with love in my eyes; turns out it’s a LOT of backbreaking work, and the city tells me I can’t have my piles too much longer or they’ll give me a ticket. I’ve got to get on this job asap.

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    Posted: June 27, 2009 at 3:35 pm

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