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    Take some pictures as things are popping up in my gardens. I’ve got baby hairy vetch everywhere and am excited about it! It won’t be long before the ladybugs start moving in. I saw a ladybug on my windshield about a week or so ago, and decided that it’s like a four-leaf clover: good luck.

    The other thing I need to do is add links to blogs I like. I came across a gardening blog a few weeks ago, intended to go back and bookmark it and of course didn’t. I have no idea what it was called or how I came across it. But it was a dandy, cheerful blog.

    I just realized this as I came across another blog I fell in love with: Yulinka Cooks. She has Russian recipes!!! And how double cool is it that we share similar names. Yulinka is a derivative of Yulia, similar to Juli.

    So Yulinka Cooks is the first blog I’m adding. I should have done this long ago.

    I was doing a little work on a family project – we’re putting together family recipes and I volunteered (lol) to do it on computer. I *thought* the whole thing was typed up. Instead, my aunt gave me a huge briefcase of folders. Untyped. Gads, oh well. I also thought it was to be old recipes passed on from Grandma and various great aunties, but as it turns out, there’s all kind of stuff. (Some fun sounding stuff, too!)

    So I thought, well, if people have included recipes they’ve gotten at work or from friends and it’s not all Scottish-English-country type recipes, then I’m including some Italian stuff from my in-laws, and I’m also including my top secret Uzbeki shashlik recipe. Nobody who has ever had my shashlik (shish kebab) didn’t LOVE IT.

    I got it from two nice Uzbeki ladies who were staying awhile in Leningrad when I lived there. I met them in a line for shoes and it was mutual enchantment: I was enchanted by these Uzbeki women (and later did my MA thesis ON the women of Central Asian Republics of the USSR, now independent countries), and they were enchanted by a goofy American girl who was thrilled beyond words to be in the USSR studying at university. (LGU, rah rah!)

    They fed me shashlik and other wonderful things, and then taught me how to make the shashlik. Among friends, that’s kind of my signature dish if we’re doing a cookout.

    These ladies told me the recipe came from the times of Genghis Khan, and they were descended from him. True or not, their stories were FAB.U.LOUS.

    Anyway, privyet!

    My secret wish for my front yard? A true Russian countryside front yard. They don’t mow, just let it grow up in wildflowers. It’s spectacular.

    So I was searching Uzbeki shashlik stuff, just curious if the Mongols raised livestock.

    Speaking of the Mongols, you can actually buy a yurt. I WOULD LOVE to have a yurt, but I don’t think that would go over so well here.

    Now I’ve got to find a recipe for goluptsi. There is a church in Royalton, Illinois (southern Illinois) that is Russian Orthodox. For a time, I seriously considered converting to that just because it’s so beautiful and I was very moved going to services (officially forbidden at the time) and seeing the crying ladies and the icons.

    Anyway, I got the best goluptsi (stuffed cabbage rolls) recipe ever from a man at that church in Royalton, but I can’t find it. I need to try and find a similar recipe because I’ve been craving it. I’m thinking of trying some with a stuffing of whole wheatberries instead of meat. I’m thinking the recipe I had may have been more Ukrainian than Russian, though.

    First up, figuring out how to make links show up. It’s always something.

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