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    Goat eating thistle

    It might be to have a ranch with horses I could ride, and goats. I’m mad for goats! I keep trying to talk DH into moving somewhere rural and getting goats; I’ve promised to milk them and make feta cheese. But it’s hard to convince a New Yorker rural living is good. He’s the Zha Zha Gabor to my Eddie Albert in my Green Acres fantasy.

    I was trying to find info on thistles, because I think I have some and don’t know whether I should glove up and pull them, or let them be. Then I came across a site on using goats for companion grazing and weed control! We wouldn’t even have to mow…we could just let the goats do it!

    How cute is this guy? I’m so in love.

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    Posted: June 14, 2008 at 3:01 pm

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