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    Well, as you can see by the redesign, I’m still here. It just seems that every spring something happens! Maybe it’s not really that way, but it feels it.

    This spring was just horrible. HORRIBLE. In the span of a few days, one of our cats got sick (stomatitis, which is a gum infection, and he had to have his teeth removed), followed by the waterbed exploding, and in the madness to clean up that mess, I stubbed my toe…and yes, broke it. Big time.

    Thank God it wasn’t the same toe I broke two years ago (crushed that one actually), but the one next to it. I stood there in agony, crying, going, “you’ve got to be f***ing kidding me.”

    At least now I’ve learned to IGNORE the advice people give, oh it’s just a toe, buddy tape it and move on. When I did that last time, it cost me half of my toe bone and a creepy surgery that still feels weird. So I went to a foot/ankle specialist, got it x-rayed, and as I already knew, was broken. He taped it up, gave me a big lecture on “you already know not to mess around with this, let’s heal this one up….and please start wearing shoes,” and a boot. And that sucked.

    But what sucked worse was that Jack, the cat with stomatitis, turned out to have FIV (cat AIDs), and after two full months of constant nursing, hospital times, surgeries, force feeding and even learning to give injections and subq fluids, he did not make it. He died Memorial Day weekend. It’s been really horrible, because I loved him so, and he was such a special, extraordinary guy. I was just glad I could be by his side at the end, but I’m so sorry he had to go through all that he did. I had two friends, one a vet and the other a cat health advocate, on the phone with me during the ride to the emergency clinic when his condition went to hell.

    Oh, and then I caught a terrible flu/cold/bronchitis and was actually sick enough I should have gone to bed. But the only thing that mattered to me was my Jack. Only other pet lovers would understand that; I’ve always loved animals more than people to be honest. It’s true.

    I don’t care about the bed (it’s gone, I’m finally over my 80s waterbed love and have made everybody happy…it was just so comfortable and I thought it would always at least remain in a spare room so I could float). The toe is healed, but I still miss Jack so much.

    He came to me via the Internet; his owner dying of breast cancer and she didn’t want him to be dumped back into a shelter. I’m not much of a believer, but I find comfort in the thought that maybe Catharine and Jack (and my other pets) are together somewhere peaceful.

    One warning: never allow a vet to give your pet a drug called Convenia. I believe it contributed to his death, and there are reports all over hell that this drug can cause horrible side effects in cats and dogs, and kill them. Dr. Lisa Pierson of catinfo.org is leading the charge against this drug and has collected a lot of information about it.

    The good news is that I eventually DID go ahead and put out a garden. I just said screw it, and put it out after Jack died. That helped me cope with my grief, and even though many of my seedlings had died from neglect, I was able to revive some and fill in with stuff still in nurseries. Better late than never and I’ve even had a few ripe tomatoes and my sweet Italian peppers are starting to come in like crazy.

    I’ll probably write several posts in a manic frenzy to make up for the lack of posting.

    and p.s. I finally got coerced into joining Facebook. If you want to friend me, please tell me who you are. I have kind of a love/hate thing going on with Facebook. They don’t give me enough space to write what I want, and I’m wordy at times. Uh, yeah.


    I miss you Jackie boy. :(

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