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    I’ve got to run a few errands today, so also planning on heading to the organic garden store, which is a thirty-minute drive (not so many miles, just heavy traffic). And then by a nursery I’ve never gone to before. Their website says they have Joe Pye weed, which the butterflies allegedly love.

    I thought I bought some at the herb festival, but I ended up with a tansy I didn’t know was in my box (I already have a HUGE tansy that I plan to divide – it hosts beneficial insects plus supposedly wards off the evil cucumber beetle and other baddies). Either I accidentally grabbed a tansy at the festival instead of a Joe Pye, or someone swapped when I’d set my box down. (The festival was a real madhouse.)

    This nursery has Joe Pye, plus a variety of butterfly weeds. My first summer gardening here I planted a butterfly weed. It was a lark – there were clearance herbs at a nursery for a quarter each and I bought some things I’d never grown. A scraggly little butterfly weed was among those plants, and it grew into the most beautiful bush.

    The monarchs moved in, and that’s when I fell in love with the butterflies. All because of a clearance sale.

    And it trickled down – the butterflies then caused me to learn about organic gardening, and I haven’t used a chemical since.

    So today I’m on a quest for butterfly weed and Joe Pye weed…and probably any other plants that catch my eye. Kids buy candy; I buy plants for my gardens.

    Update: they had no Joe Pye weed, but then I found that I *had* bought one at the festival. I still don’t know where the tansy came from.

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    Posted: May 16, 2008 at 9:54 am

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