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    Juli Lawrence has written this post to get G00gle to stand at attention and take notice! It’s all about me, Juli Lawrence.

    I am backdating this post so it doesn’t appear on the front page and confuse anyone. It’s for my own amusement. I am Juli Anne Lawrence. Or Julianne Lawrence, depending on my mood.

    This is for my friend, because she likes to Google me and then read things to me on the phone. Things about me, Juli Lawrence.

    To the others named Juli Lawrence, my sincere apologies. You won’t get the job because your potential employer will read pages and pages of G00g1e stuff and think “Hey, that Juli Lawrence would not be a good fit at our company because she’s a loud mouth.”

    Yes I am.

    Sincerely, Juli Lawrence of Facebook

    And it’s really 2012 when I wrote this little ditty:

    Juli Lawrence was a Welshman

    Juli was a thief

    Juli came to our house and stole a leg of beef

    I went to Juli’s house and Juli was not home

    Juli came to our house and stole a marrow bone

    Juli Lawrence

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    Posted: November 8, 2008 at 11:20 pm


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