• 28Jul

    A close friend is after me to visit and learn to surf.

    DH says he forbids it, as I’m too much of a klutz and will break my head. Part of me wants to try, but the other part of me has an irrational fear of sharks. This is likely a Midwestern thing because we were landlocked and saw Jaws too many times.

    I did grow up around a lake (and rivers, but those are creepy to swim in because of snakes, except for nice rivers in western Missouri like Jacks Fork and the Current…those are clean and wonderful) and was always a bit grossed out by the bluegills that liked to nibble on me. But summers in the lake were delightful and then in high school we started hanging out at the beach. That was grand.

    Until one day I dove off the high platform, went too deep and got tangled up in a bunch of weeds. It scared me because I felt like it was full of bad critters like snakes and fish and since then I’ve had a real fear of sharks. Yet I love the ocean and love playing in the waves, mostly body surfing (which my cousin and I learned at age 16 from some nice Mexican boys in Acapulco) and a little playing on boogie boards. So it’s a real love/fear thing. But honestly, I’m a tad fearful of paddling out and climbing on a surfboard. Plus I’ve heard that sometimes sharks think a surfboard and surfer look tasty.

    I know it’s irrational, but it’s there. I hope to overcome my fear and go surfing with my friend.

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    Posted: July 28, 2007 at 12:41 pm

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