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    It seems the first batch of cats are now emerging from the chrysalis stage into butterflies. I saw about five out in the butterfly garden this morning, varying sizes.

    The mosquitoes are so bad, though. I’ve gone around the house looking for areas where they might be breeding, and I can’t find a thing. My bird and butterfly baths don’t hold much water so they evaporate every day.

    I’m suspecting neighbors’ pools. The neighbors next door use theirs nearly every day, so I doubt it’s theirs, but other neighbors have pools that just sit. Why have a pool if you’re not going to use it? At least drain it or drop in some BT dunks.

    My uncle has a next door neighbor who has had a difficult time since her husband unexpectedly died. He left her with a financial mess and all kinds of entanglements. Of course he didn’t expect to drop dead at that age, but he left some real disasters. She had to sell the family vacation home on Padre Island. Anyway, she has adult sons who have mostly abandoned her and she has no incentive to keep her pool up. It needs to be drained and just filled in with dirt, but I guess you’d have to chop out the concrete first.

    Each year, she actually gets DUCKS in the pool. And frogs. It’s a mosquito farm, except that my uncle does go over and put dunks in the pool all summer.

    She has a tennis court, too, and the blacktop is all split. It’s just sad to see such a beautiful estate go downhill like that. Too much for one woman to handle, especially since she was one of those women whose husband handled everything. Obviously not very well.

    That strayed off topic, but the point is, the mosquitoes here are killing me. I have to spray down every time I go outside and I resent that. If I knew where they were breeding, I’d get dunks.

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    Posted: August 12, 2007 at 9:36 am

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