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    Okay, I’m trying to show restraint and be cool-headed here, but I don’t think I can.

    I’ve MOVED! And it’s my Barbie Dreamhouse!

    I’ve been here a week now and it feels like home. I can’t even begin to tell you how peaceful it is here. So quiet, with beautiful views from every window.

    We had been looking for a new house for a year, and it took that long to find the right one. I found a number of them that I liked, fell in love more than once, but there was always an issue. Wet basement, plans for highway construction nearby, low ground that was ripe for water problems, and so on. My uncle kept looking under the hood and would find something that made each house I liked a “no.” That was hard, especially when I found a house that was a gorgeous three-bedroom, surrounded by decks, nearly an acre of land. (In an area where property values are sadly declining rapidly. It’s still a beautiful area.)

    And then three times, found the right house, allowed myself to fall in love, and lost it in the bidding process. All you may hear on the news is “bad housing market, it’s a buyer’s market,” but the truth is there *are* a lot of houses for good prices out there. But the diamonds are hard to find and quickly snatched up.

    I had to learn patience, and by the time I was settling into that attribute, here came this house. And now it’s mine. I’m glad my uncle kept me on a leash. I knew he was right – he’s so smart and knows so many things. I kept saying that I was the flash, and he was the substance. And it was true. I didn’t notice things like a bad roof or a tree that was just waiting for a good wind to send it through the living room.

    And now thanks to his fine diligence, I’ve got a house that is everything I could ask for, and more.

    This is NOT a fixer upper. The previous owners took very good care of it, and the workmanship is high quality. In fact, the wife half of the couple was an interior designer, and it showed.

    That doesn’t mean I have no projects in mind. Of course I do, because I love projects, especially those involving wood. But this house doesn’t need any fix-its or hide-its. The kitchen is gorgeous, there’s a ton of storage space, more closets than I could imagine.

    Even the garage is in order, for crying out loud. There’s indoor-outdoor carpet at one end, to keep from tracking in dirt. And the cabinets??? Holy cow. The garage is loaded with custom storage cabinets…with doors!

    When the home inspector was here, I happened to go out in the garage while he was out there. He went on and on about those cabinets and how well-done they were. He said “Look at these so and so.” I don’t remember what the so and so was, but he was impressed by the workmanship.

    I’m going to have a work area out in the garage for my crazy projects! I’ve discovered this site, ana-white.com, and this is a woman after my own heart. She loves to build things and her site is LOADED with plans. I have several things to build using her instructions. Can’t wait to get started on those! (Check out her cedar raised beds using fence pickets…CHEAP!) Why yes, yes, I will build those.

    So after a few years of woe, and one year of pure hell (I’ll begin to tell that story at some point), I’ve got a fresh start, a new house that I ADORE, and a new outlook on life. It’s all good.

    Many, many features of this house, and even though it doesn’t need any work, I still have plans. Amazingly, the previous owners painted all the rooms in perfect colors. The living room is exactly what I would have chosen. So I don’t even have to paint! Except one room, and that’s my office. It’s eggplant, which is a color I like, but it’s too dark. I need a light, cheery color and I hope I can make up my mind in the next week. It’s Memorial Day and Home Depot has paint sales on major holidays. (As does Lowes and the other similar stores.)

    That’s it for now. I’m in the process of putting things away and getting ORGANIZED at the same time. All of this space will make organization a bit easier. But I’ll take breaks now and then and post my progress. Ciao!

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