• 27Aug

    The caterpillars are hatching, butterflies are coupling in my gardens and it’s my big reminder why I went 100 percent organic.

    I keep a stack a pot filled with herbs on the back deck so that when we need them for cooking, all we have to do is step out the kitchen back door and harvest.

    But I plant lots of herbs in every garden for companions and extra parsley and dill for swallowtail cats. They’re sometimes called parsley worms and can eat a parsley plant overnight. The solution to that is to plant several – some for them, some for you.

    I was just spraying a new batch of hearty compost tea, after accidentally plugging up the sprayer, and there’s a large dill plant next to a tomato plant. I started to spray, and then saw them. Several cats of varying sizes, but none were full grown.

    I rushed to my “butterfly garden” and saw the monarch cats were hatching! They’re all over the place. It just doesn’t take much in my garden to make me giddy.

    Getting so heavily into gardening again has really helped my mental health. When I’m working outside, the rest of the world ceases to exist. Just me, my bugs and my plants. And occasionally one of the cats, when he gets a special treat. (Indoor cats, but he’s so behaved I let him out with me in the gardens now and then, but the other kitty has to be sleeping or she throws a fit. I would too.)

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    Posted: August 27, 2008 at 12:53 pm

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