• 03Sep

    My ongoing list.

    Fall 2008:

    –still need to rebuild the compost pit, and I have several bags of chopped leaves from last year. LOL. It won’t be long until I’ll have many more. But that will be a good amount of compost to tend over winter. In spring, I’ll have an earthworm farm and plenty of compost.

    –divide lilies/daylilies?

    –move butterfly bush a few feet to the right?

    –gather seeds and dry for next year…this year, don’t forget to label them. Duh.

    –start lasagna raised beds

    –dig up *some* dahlia tubers, mulch others (despite the experts saying they’ll die, I have forgotten to store them more than once and they come back bigger and better when that happens; I think because they are covered in fall leaves, which I leave as mulch)

    Spring 2009:

    –grow a row of sunflowers in vegetable garden; when the aphids arrive, it will feed my friends

    –start nightshades (esp. eggplants/peppers) indoors in January instead of March

    –design and implement healing/Zen garden with water feature, including a black lace elderberry

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    Posted: September 3, 2008 at 11:02 am

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