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    Since the wife (previous owners) was an interior designer, the rooms are all freshly painted and in very tasteful, pleasing colors. Not crazy bright colors, but very pleasant.

    I basically got over “bold colors” at the last house, when I painted the living room “Iced Tea.” I saw the iced tea color on one of the design shows. It looked bright and cheerful at first. But over time, it began to read orange. Live and learn.

    Here, all of the rooms are calm. The living room in particular is the EXACT shade of a sage-ish green I would have chosen myself. The master bedroom is a nice darker beige, or light brown. It has a tad of olive green in it, which I only see in the afternoon when the sun is bright. The other main rooms, the kitchen, dining and bath: a lovely shade of light blue.

    I’ll eventually get tired of the colors and paint, but perhaps in three years or something like that. I thought I would tire of the corn husk green I painted my old kitchen, but I never did. I still love that color, and eventually I’ll paint the kitchen corn husk green again.

    Therefore, at this time the only room I plan to paint is my new, grand office. This is going to be MY room and I’m designing it MY way. Currently, the room (actually a decent-sized bedroom, 12 by 11 with a huge closet and bright windows) is dark purple, or eggplant if you will. Now yes, purple is my favorite color and eggplant is my favorite vegetable. I’m just glad *I* didn’t paint this because I would have been disappointed.

    It’s pretty, but it’s just too dark. Dark like a cave.

    My new color scheme is my favorite color scheme of all time: purple and apple/lime green. But I haven’t yet decided whether I’ll paint the walls purple and some of the furniture apple green or vice versa. I’m messing around a lot in Photoshop!

    For you twenty-somethings, we used to do our furniture planning with graph paper. I would mark out the room then make scaled pieces of furniture from another sheet of graph paper, then move it all around like a puzzle. It was actually a lot of fun (at the time).

    But I have to say…I prefer Photoshop and various programs.

    Now on to my constantly transforming to-do list…

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    Posted: May 28, 2013 at 9:54 am

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