• 30Jun

    Plant that catnip plant I bought before the cats destroy it. They’ve already killed one, which they enjoyed.

    Stake all the dahlias, goldenrod and giant tansy.

    Build my teepees for the cucurbits and install.

    Build my fence from the bamboo I harvested. I have 80+ canes. That was a helluva grove.

    Fix a spot on the lattice where it came undone from the screw.

    Perhaps plant that last tomato plant at the end of the veg garden where the bamboo was. Either that or put it in the compost pile. It’s on its last legs.

    Plant the rest of those torch sunflower seeds, plus more ice radishes for cuke beetle control.

    Dose of compost tea: did that today, plus added some more guano. I’m really liking that Garrett Juice, from the Dirt Doctor. You can make your own, but this is so much easier. I’m burning through it quickly, though, and will have to order more or make my own. I’m down to about a quart of compost.

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    Posted: June 30, 2008 at 2:09 pm

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