• 10Jun
    Bird and Bugs and other Critters

    Mother Nature is really cool if you\'ll let her do her job. Here are some of my friends.


    I have a bamboo addiction and you can see how it\'s grown from a little dry sprig into a beautiful grove that scares the neighbors.

    Garden 2008

    In progress, hopefully the best year yet!

    Garden 2007

    Gardening photos from 2007; my flower gardens, butterfly garden, vegetable garden and fashionable accessories.

    Garden 2005-2006

    The beginnings of my gardens here. The progress is fun to watch through photos of now and then.

    Ungarden Photos

    Other photos, old and new, that I wanted to share with family and friends. And a few cat pictures, because I love my pets.

    For the casual observer, here are more pictures than you’d ever want to see of garden bits and cats. But I’m trying to get more organized (ha) and have a place where I can catalogue my progress. It’s also a place I can share pics with friends and family.

    I have some gardening friends, and this is so much easier than constant emails. And I have friends who have interest in the cats, especially sweet Jack, because his story is so special. (His owner was dying of breast cancer and asked cat lovers on the internet if someone would adopt him. We did, and it’s all bittersweet and still makes me cry when I think of it all. He’s a very special boy and so many people love him and had a hand in getting him on the pet bus and to us.)

    My plan is to, at some point, scan some of the 12 billion slides I have from when I lived in Europe, because that was one of the happiest times of my life. I’d like to be able to go down memory lane now and then. ::sniff:: And if we ever do my Dancing Dragons Bali trip, those will go here too!