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    Well I’m kind of horrified, but at the same time, kind of proud.

    The horrifying: The house is still not even unpacked fully. The garage, well…oh my.

    The proud: Kitchen is really taking shape. What a difference it makes having a kitchen that was so well thought out, with plenty – I MEAN PLENTY – of cabinets. With good shelves in the bottom cabinets, not just big empty caverns.

    I’ve also put together a container garden on the patio. Later this summer, I’ll be laying out lasagna beds so they can cook and be ready in fall or next spring. But I got so many wonderful terra cotta planters from my uncle that I didn’t have to buy a single one! And three cheers to this uncle. Unlike the rest of my so-called family, he always went for high quality over the dollar store. We’re all Scottish (aka CHEAP, or in more polite terms: thrifty), but somehow his clan escaped the legacy. It’s luxury living and it’s so much nicer.

    The down side of that is he doesn’t understand the FUN of the thrift find and the joy in rehabbing it. I learned this kind of fun when I’d go “antiquing” with my friend and colleague in grad school. So many fun weekends, and I still have a wonderful antique gateleg table that is shaping into a nice living room vignette. Ah, memories!

    But I’ve wandered off track, haven’t I? This is officially called “Juliesque,” which can be used as a noun or verb. Tony coined the word. My brother says it’s inherited from my paternal side and proves my lineage to them. My mother always said “Why would you say something in ten words when you can use 100?”


    Container garden: Three pepper plants: my fave Giant Marconi, which are sweet Italian peppers. These are unlike anything else and I’ve had some that approached a foot long. (Those were mighty fine stuffed!) And a jalapeno plant and another pepper that’s much hotter. Turns out the heat in peppers is like heroin: the more you take, the more resistance you build and the more you want. There’s an Italian soup I make, and when I first began making it a few years ago, I used one hot pepper. Now I use about eight. Eventually I’ll be driving to the hood to get my pepper fix.

    I also have one eggplant, because my life is not complete without eggplant. This is my favorite vegetable. And a grape tomato plant. Lots of herbs and some catnip for my girls. I loaded my nightshades (peppers, eggplant, tomato) with geraniums, nasturtiums from seed and petunias. Plus varying extra herbs (basil, oregano, etc. but never use dill or fennel). Even if doing container gardening, I still have to do some companion planting because I’m nothing without all my little organic tricks. BTW, I’ll be adding a box to sign up to my email list, cuz I’m writing a book on organic gardening. Hope you’ll buy it and so does the publisher and then they’ll let me write another!

    I also did some pots of various annual plants, plus had to get some of my butterfly plants to plant out in a bed I plan to start very soon. Poor things I brought from the old house are still in a box. Hope they survive.

    My office is a wreck, because I had/have so many books. Even though I now almost always buy for Kindle, I still love real books. I’ve gotten rid of many, but I have a large collection of Russian literature I can’t let go. (I have a spare degree in Russian lang and lit and am positively MAD for Pushkin, Bulgakov and Zinadia Gippius, plus more.)

    I’m focused mostly on getting the kitchen in PERFECT order. There’s no in between with me. Either I obsessively organize something, or I become a hoarder. I’m determined to be organized this time, although yesterday I was accused of visiting my hoarding tendencies when I brought home a large box of vases.

    Um, hello? I have roses and hydrangeas. I need vases!

    So that’s a progress report. Kitchen is about 80 percent done, due to me changing my mind and reorganizing the cabinets and drawers after I’d so carefully put things away. It just made more sense the second way because of the flow of the kitchen.

    I’m having to bump up some cat projects to top of the list because Jasmine, who is so demanding, needs activities. I’ve set up her TV (how many cats have their own TVs complete with DVD/VCR player???) so she can watch her catnip videos, featuring birds and squirrels. It’s crazy, but you’ve never lived with Jasmine. She’s high maintenance. Sweet little Mau is just happy with whatever she has.

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