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    I am positively addicted to Harney & Sons tea, particularly the Caribe flavor. You can’t find it anywhere but online – I got a free tea sachet (like a teabag, but better) in the mail once, and it worked. I’m hooked.

    I’ve shopped a few different places online, no complaints, but happened upon the Tea Butler. I called them with a shipping question, and what a nice guy!

    If you need/want tea, they have wonderful, extravagant teas, and free shipping through Christmas for orders over $35. What luck I called, because I hadn’t noticed that. My order was just under 30 dollars, so I bought another pack of Caribe, and got it free!

    Nice place, shop there: Tea Butler

    p.s. Hi, it’s been awhile. I had a crappy summer, but just another month and I’ll be ordering seeds and starting fresh for 2010. I’ve also signed up for a native plant course plus yoga and photographing birds.

    I can’t wait til I get my tea!!! There’s nothing more perfect than a hot cup of Caribe and a blizzard. Merry Christmas to ME!

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    Posted: December 9, 2009 at 5:10 pm


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  • Shira Says:

    Nice to see you back, Juls. How did the hay garden go?


  • Mary Smith Says:

    Glad to see you update the site. How are you doing?

    It’s been a COLD winter so far in Colorado. How’s the NY weather?

    Take care and have a happy holiday.

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