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    I actually see light at the end of the tunnel. I spent this evening watching that new Siberia show on NBC (hasn’t got a prayer in hell, but I enjoyed the smattering of Russian) while sorting through random boxes of bathroom stuff. I join my Russian comrades in distaste that a show about surviving Siberia is filmed in Canada.

    While packing, I had purged a lot of bathroom junk (mostly empty shampoo bottles, expired medications and Nyquil, etc.), but apparently not enough. And somehow when packed, the bathroom items ended up in about twenty boxes. That’s a shame. I tried to do it right, but it was a fail.

    I know there’s another box of crap somewhere, because there are a few missing items. Like a bottle of unexpired Nyquil. (Not needed, I never take it, but good to have on hand just in case.) But I had little piles all over the living room floor, filled up two smallish boxes with more litter and I’ve now filled the medicine cabinet and vanity drawers! Other than the missing box of a few things, the bathroom will be put away by tomorrow. Progress!

    That medicine cabinet is HUGE. In fact, I’ve never seen one quite this large. It’s very well done, too. The designer must have spent a lot of time thinking about buyers who want large, uncluttered medicine cabinets. And the design is rather unusual. In fact, I thought it was just a big, framed mirror (and was missing a cabinet), but the mirror breaks into three pieces. I’ll have to grab a pic of it because it’s unique. Me likey.

    And after The Purge of 2013, it’s only about a third filled. I’m digging those vanity drawers, too.

    I’m letting the cats go out in the garage a lot, and they’re just over the moon about it. They love the car. They stretch out on top, go inside (I leave a window open) and look like mice playing, jumping from the front to back seats, then nap in the back window. It’s all very peculiar, but for some reason, the garage is their playground. Could be that from the top of the car they can see out the side window, which looks over the crazy beautiful hydrangea bush, and I’m sure there must be hummingbirds galore.

    The only boxes left are a couple of odds and ends in the living room and a few kitchen boxes that are almost empty. Just loose, random items that need a home.

    Not counting the mess in the garage, we’re in the home stretch!

    It’s taken a lot longer (in my opinion) to unpack this time because I’m determined everything will be in good order, organized, and will make sense. Everything has to have a home, a place, so it gets returned instead of piled in a corner. And this uber organization does NOT come easily to me. It’s like trying to read a book in Mandarin when you’ve never had a Chinese lesson. (And aren’t native.)

    I’m the same way with cooking. I can do it, I can follow a recipe and I sometimes have enough courage to tinker a tiny bit. But if the instructions say it will take 30 minutes of prep time, it will take me two hours. Nobody understands why a casserole may take me all afternoon to put together. I’m very good at many things, but I really, really suck at the domestic arts. They just don’t come naturally to me and I have to struggle and work to do all of this stuff.

    I will always be the UnMartha. It’s just not in my DNA.

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