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    This is gonna grow twelve miles long. I just know it. I’ll post how-to details and before/afters when I tackle each one. Click the tabs above for different categories. Garden planning is separate.

    • cutlery drawer dividers
    • shelved side table for living room
    • small stand/table next to pantry for main phone (or buy)
    • cat window perch on wheels (lol lol lol) cat tree for garage from online plans
    • cat grass planter with mesh top
    • onion/potato storage cabinet
    • shelves in north end of office closet
    • reorganize cutlery, utensil drawers
    • organize bathroom vanity and drawers
    • finish organizing linen closet
    • Organize workshop & tools, pegboard
    • Organize garage
    • Assemble new desk, organize office
    • Paint office
    • Paint office furniture pieces (hutch, bookcase, printer stand? desk?)
    • Other painting: sewing cabinet, nightstands, dresser
    • Crafty stuff: sunburst mirror, succulent wall hanging
    • Make some hypertufa stuff, incl. possibly a hanging herb garden for kitchen window
    • Redo floor lamp to put in office Chucked it
    • Make duvet cover
    • Curtains for bedroom, office
    • Rehab pantry: paint white or use beadboard, add doors to top
    • Ceiling fan for office
    • New light in dining room

    • Recover cat tower Buy new one; it’s time
    • Build cat play area in office
    • Office painting: walls & furniture
    • Organize garage, build cat tower at window so Jas will stop screaming
    • It’s all about the Kim Kardashian of cats: Miss Jasmine
      Little jobs left to do…
    • hooks on inside kitchen cabinets for measuring cups/spoons and strainers FAIL
    • organize kitchen counters

    This is to remind me that I’ve accomplished things so I don’t feel overwhelmed. :)

    • Kitchen cabinets organized
    • 1 billion boxes in office: EMPTIED as of July 1. молодец! (Russian for well done, or attagirl! Yay me.)
    • Musical CDs emptied and organized! Alphabetical AND in beautiful boxes from my beloved aunt
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