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    I love fall so much, but there’s a lot to do gardening and yard-wise. I think people don’t realize how much should be done in preparation for next spring’s gardening.

    I’ve been canning: so far tomatoes and bread/butter pickles and right now I’ve got cucumber spears soaking for pickle stickles. Those are a kind of lime green pickle my mom and aunt made when we were kids. It wasn’t a family recipe, but something mom had gotten from a lady at church. It’s three days worth of work, and I’m on day two. First day, soak in lime water overnight. Day two, wash them, soak in water three hours then make the syrup and soak in that overnight. Day three you cook and can them.

    Next up, if I’m still in the mood to can and can find the old recipe: zucchini relish. I don’t like squash very much, other than stuffed squash (recipe from the Arabs I knew), but this relish beats any regular sweet relish.

    Here’s a good article on planting hairy vetch in the fall, which I plan to do this week.

    I have several chores to try and squeeze in:

    • put down some lasagne layers in the back large garden (flowers, but next year, I’m going to intermingle more vegetables out there…right now, mostly dahlias and my butterfly garden)
    • pull up the vegetables that are no longer producing: most of the eggplants (they didn’t produce as well as usual this summer), all curcurbits except the gourd and maybe a stray cucumber and melon that have babies still and the pumpkin out back (two babies…don’t know if they’ll mature or not, but I was just growing them for the compost pile anyway)
    • plant hairy vetch everywhere there’s nothing planted, plus around the things I don’t yank (tomatoes and peppers)

    I saw two hummingbirds really going at the lantana bush earlier. They come one after another to the feeder at the front window. The usual ones with the white banding on their tails, but now I’m seeing a number of red throated birds. The banded tail birds like to dance for my cat, and she loves that. I’ve really got to try and get a movie of it. It’s a beautiful dance at the window and the birds seem to understand she can’t get through the glass and eat them.

    I’ve got a small load of compost that has cooked nicely over summer. My summer load is always lots smaller because I depend on the mass of fall leaves that I suck and chop (leaf vacs rule) and that’s a fall thing. Then I spend all winter adding crap to it and enjoying the steam in winter. It’s a lovely sight. Composting is FUN. My uncle says I just like to make piles. I do want to build a tidier one out of pallets, but that’s not so high on the to-do list. That list is miles long.

    We wanted to add on to the deck this summer, but didn’t get it done. Still might try and at least lay some poles. I dunno.

    I’m trying to add flax seed to our diet because it’s a good source of omega 3. I saw my holistic doctor today and he was overjoyed when I said that. He added a valerian root supplement to my diet for now, to help with stress. I’m really stressed out at times.

    I haven’t had the courage to tell my regular doctors that I’m seeing this guy. My GP is a complete vegan and probably would be okay with it. I know she would like the flax seed. (DH thinks that’s plain nutty, but given that heart disease runs in his Italian family, he’s going with the program. Says it’s better than eating a lot of fish, which neither of us likes much.)

    It has to be crushed, though, to release the oil. I was surprised to find that, plus my organic wheat berries, at the local supermarket. Nice surprise. Saves me a tedious trip to the health food store. I’d like to support the health food store, but his hours are terrible. Two days a week, early morning, and I am so not a morning person.

    Wheat berries are the full grain from the stalk of the wheat, before it’s lost all its goodness from processing. They’re actually very delicious, but take a lot of prep. That’s my downfall…hate the prep. I hate to cook.

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