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    I’ve planted a patch of romaine lettuce for winter. It’s looking great so far. As the temps get colder, I’ll cover it with straw, and remove the straw during warm days to allow the sun to shine down. You can do the same thing with row covers.

    I’m also planning on starting to grow my own sprouts, just for fun. I saw it on a gardening show and was intrigued. You really just need your seeds and a mason jar, and a few days to grow them. First up, I’m planning on broccoli sprouts, just to try them. I love sprouts when I’ve bought them at the store or have them on a sandwich at a cafe.

    We’re also planning on a big basement project, so this will take a little time. For me, the planning stage on these things takes more time than the actual project.

    Then in January, I plan to start some of my herbs/vegetables/flowers indoors to get a good start for spring. In previous years, I start in mid March and some things don’t get big enough for my taste (eggplants, peppers, some flowers), so this will be a head start. Two things I won’t be starting indoors again are impatiens and moss rose. That was a total bust. The varieties were unusual colors you don’t see at the stores, but they were hard to get going, and then they all died in infancy.

    I like to have projects over winter to keep me from obsessing about next year’s garden. I’ll still obsess and plan I’m sure, but maybe less so.

    Oh, I also plan on getting organized. Ha. I say that every year.

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    Posted: October 26, 2007 at 9:44 am

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